Epilepsy 12: National Audit

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Rao, Tekki
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The clinical audit aims are to encourage and facilitate improvements in the care provided to children and young people by paediatric epilepsy services by: LDUH Identifying and registering all patients who have a first paediatric assessment after the Go live date for a paroxysmal episode or episodes such that an EEG referral is made or indicated Recording the details of the first paediatric assessment Recording the details of the first year of care that follows the date of the first paediatric assessment with a focus on 12 key care performance indicators Providing registered Health Boards and Trusts with live individual patient monitoring outputs within the system covering care planning, details of seizure types and frequency and progress against the key performance indicators Allowing for the capture of ongoing years of care Analysing and reporting on the data captured through the clinical audit and making recommendations for improvements to key audiences
epilepsy , national clinical audit , seizures , epilepsies , children , young people