2019 UK Parkinson’s Audit

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Wijayasiri, Susantha
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The audit measures the quality of care provided to people living with Parkinson’s in comparison with a range of evidence-based guidance about the care of people with the condition.
This UK-wide audit takes a multi-professional approach, involving Elderly Care and Neurology consultants, who care for people with movement disorders. It also includes Parkinson’s nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists who also care for people with Parkinson’s. The audit engages services within these professions to measure the quality of their practice, within their model of care provision, and trigger service improvement plans. This audit reports on the care provided to 10,335 people with Parkinson’s during the five month data collection period. This is a 9% increase in the number of patients compared with the 2017 audit. 8,247 people with Parkinson’s and their carers contributed to the Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) questionnaire, giving them the opportunity to provide their views on the service they attend.
Parkinson's , Neurology