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    An Audit on Medical health record keeping
    Sivathiran, Siva; Luton and Dunstable Site
    Aim of this audit - improve standards in medical health record keeping across the whole of the DME department. Ensure the standard. To review the current practice of medical health record documentation. To re-examine the general quality of the entries within a patient’s health records, and level of compliance of documenting date, time, name of consultant, signature and correct patient details ( Name, hospital number, DOB). To re-establish the level of completion of our discharge letters, using the correct format and timing of commencing the discharge letter. To ensure the clear documentation of advanced decisions to refuse Treatment, CPR must be clearly recorded in the medical record.
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    Audit on compliance of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (GCA) & Electronic Discharge Letter (EDL) (NG56) 4th cycle
    (2021-05) Wijayasiri, Susantha; Sivathiran, Siva; Pankhania, Darshini; Zaman, Rafia; Luton and Dunstable Site
    Audit to measure compliance with Nice Guideline 56
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    2019 UK Parkinson’s Audit
    (2021-03) Wijayasiri, Susantha; Luton and Dunstable Site
    The audit measures the quality of care provided to people living with Parkinson’s in comparison with a range of evidence-based guidance about the care of people with the condition.