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    Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis in Multi-Disciplinary Teams
    Uddin, Akram; Luton and Dunstable Site
    -Does variation exist amongst MDT units within England & Wales? -Consistent standards of practice? -Consistent outcomes of practice? -Compliant to NICE NG19(2019) [accessed 06/11/2022].
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    Clinical Audit: Intravenous Fluids Therapy in Adults in Hospital.
    (2022-07-28) Trussell, Shaun; Bedford Site
    To ensure we are meeting the recommended guidelines as per NICE Guidelines (CG174) for IV fluid Therapy which includes: Prescribing, Assessment, Management and Reassessment
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    GCA Fast Track Pathway, outcomes from a 3 year audit cycle presented
    Baqai, Tanya; Luton and Dunstable Site
    The Luton GCA diagnostic pathway in 2015 had a high level of sight loss and low level of secure diagnosis (termed traditional model) In Jan 2016, the Luton Rheumatology-led, ultrasound driven GCA Fast Track Pathway was introduced to address this Annual audit over three years identified areas for progressive and realistic improvement and re-audit.
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    Hypoglycaemia audit
    Wong, Kah Fai; Luton and Dunstable Site
    The Luton and Dunstable NHS University Hospital Inpatient Management of Hypoglycaemia in Adults algorithm was updated in 2017 and approved by the Trust’s Clinical Guidelines Committee in June 2017. The Hypo Tray was replaced with the current Hypo Box as it was deemed this was a more effective and safer option in terms of clinical use The hypo box was launched in July 2017.
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    Community Dietetic Care Home
    Weston, Claire; Bedford Site
    High numbers of referrals from care homes and rising caseload numbers Monitor oral nutritional supplement (ONS) use within the team Aims to ensure patients on the current care home caseload meet the referral criteria Reduce oral nutritional supplement (ONS) use in care homes Objectives Review current referral criteria Assess current use of ONS in care homes Identify number of dietetic reviews offered Devise a plan to reduce caseload numbers and streamline the service Re-audit following any changes made